Fumbling around on the local Craigslist this morning, I stumbled upon this... thing.

Illustration for article titled This S13/Chevy 4x4 Mashup is the Best/Worst Thing Ive ever seen.

While 240SX's are as commonplace as diabetes, meth labs, and teen pregnancies in these parts, I want to smack the "creator" of this upside the head. Or hug him. I haven't decided.

Sticking a Chevy 350 in an S13? Not that surprising, and not that big of a deal. It's probably the least offensive thing I've seen done to these in Oklahoma. But the 4x4 drivetrain with a lift and wheels better left to Jeep Wranglers and coal rollers? This isn't your average everyday freedom.

On the other hand, I'm looking at a $2,500 alternative to a Rally Fighter, and that makes me all kinds of happy. Unfortunately, the ad is very limited in specs. So far, all we know is:

  1. It's an '89 240SX shell.
  2. It has a Chevy small block 350.
  3. It has a 5-speed manual.
  4. It has new mud tires as well as a new carb and intake.
  5. It's $2,500.
  6. It's a horrid abomination that I absolutely need.

After speaking to the seller, I've found out that it's not street-legal (but can be with apparently not much work), he has the titles for the car and frame (titles, so I'm assuming the frame is from a Chevy, although I don't know what model), the driver's side window motor doesn't work, the interior needs some work, and it's an absolute blast to drive.


I need this. My suppressed inner redneck is crying out in a death agony for the hoonage. The jalop in me is crying out for a lightweight sports car shell. It haunts me. I love it. I hate it. I'm so conflicted. What I do know is that this is probably something that needs to be seen (and/or hooned) in person, and I will do just that. Wish me and my frail, city-boy self luck.

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